Editor: Professor Jouni Paltakari, Aalto University

Natural fibre products

Everything you need to know about the paper, board, tissue and other everyday commodities



Natural fibre products are widely present in our everyday life in different forms and ways. This Natural fibre products theme presents products manufactured mainly from wood biomass by chemical or mechanical pulping. In addition to these pulps, recycled fibres form an important raw material source. Wood is a renewable raw material. Sustainable forestry including planting of new trees is essential for the whole forest industry. At pulp mill after different wood handling operations, fibres are separated from wood by mechanical or chemical means. Paper or board mills convert fibres into different types of products including:

These products can be further converted in order to introduce specific functional properties to customer products. Natural fibre products are mainly biodegradable and recyclable. The recycled fibres return back to production process and it further increases the sustainability of natural fibre products. In addition to the products, this theme discusses: