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Material testing and product properties


Editor: M. Sc. (Tech) Petteri Maijanen, ABB

Material testing and product properties



Understanding the desired product properties and managing the testing methods to monitor them are key factors to improve the quality of the end product in pulp-, paper- and boardmaking. Also, with proper material testing, the end customer can determine the desired parameters and in turn, the producer can monitor and guarantee that the customer receives the agreed quality.

In this theme, the general properties of fibres as well as pulp, paper and board products are reviewed. Testing methods for special pulps such as fluff pulp are reviewed, as well as the chemical analyses of pulps. Further, the general physical properties of paper and board such as strength and stiffness are reviewed, as well as optical properties, which are important parameters in paper- and boardmaking.

As the testing methods are closely based on international standards, the theme will also review and discuss the focal ISO, CEN and TAPPI standards related to material testing, and the general reliability of results in the physical testing of pulp, paper and board.


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