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Meaningful work and studies

Meaningful work and studies

The forest industry can offer various jobs – now and in the future. We need multifaceted professionals to build a sustainable world. Technical and commercial studies related to wood processing are offered in different parts of Finland. Are you interested in sustainable forestry, the development of new products, or sales and marketing?

Work to build a more sustainable world

The forest industry employs 42 000 people in Finland. When the entire production chain is included, this figure rises to 140 000. In addition, some 35 000 people work in Finnish forest industry companies in other countries. 1 During the next few years, more broad-minded and versatile talents will be needed to develop, produce and market sustainable products both for consumers and industries. The forest sector offers good global job opportunities.

Why should you study chemical engineering? 

Multifaceted professionals in the forest bioeconomy

Understanding sustainable forestry, wood chemistry and process engineering helps to develop new products. However, commercial understanding, as well as service design, are also needed to truly identify the needs of consumers and customer companies. When developing increasingly innovative products, multi-disciplinary expertise is highlighted. Expertise in biotechnology, building technology and packaging design is key in the development of health technology products, wood building and responsible packaging.

Innovative companies

The forest bioeconomy offers a number of attractive jobs in the fields of forestry, biomaterial and equipment manufacturing, technological development, chemistry, automation, consulting and research. Take a look at these companies!

In addition to large corporations, a number of forest industry startups have been established in recent years 2:


Start-Up Innovation Trend Accomplishments
Spinnova Wood fibre spinning technology Sustainable textile industry Industrial scale pilot in 2018
Paptic Plastic replacing packaging products Sustainable alternative to plastic films Industrial- scale production line in 2018
Infinited Fiber Company Technology to produce fibres from recycled fibres and cellulose Sustainable and cost-effective fashion Production plant of 25,000 t/a in 2020-2021
Sulapac Biodegradable and wood-based material without any microplastics Sustainable material to replace plastic Funding of EUR 15 million for upscaling and internationalisation
Jospak Recyclable cardboard tray Sustainable food industry Third production line to commence in the spring  2020
Woodly Transparent wood-based packaging material Ecological and sustainable packaging products Funding of EUR 2 million for growth
Lumir Wood-based products for acoustics Better acoustics using wood fibres Winner of the growth path competition for the bioeconomy and the circular economy
Woodio Waterproof wood composite products Ecological materials for bathroom products Investment funding of EUR 4 million, including Metsä Spring
Betulium Water-based cellulose material Replacement of synthetic organic polymers Investment from Bang & Bonsomer Group since 2017
Dolea Straws Recyclable, biodegradable and custom printable drinking straw Sustainable drinking straw Honourable mention in the Bio and Circular Economy Growth Path in 2019
Onbone Wood cast product Non-toxic and biodegradable medical products Investment of 10M€ for international launch
Montisera Bioactive compounds Patents, IPRs and trademarks Two daughter companies (Montinutra and Montipharma)
Montinutra Bioactive compounds for medical and food industry Bioactive extracts with health benefits for food and pharma industry Pilot-scale production facility to be built in 2020
Montipharma Bioactive compounds for pharmaceutical industry Clinical development phases of medicine and food ingredients Plan to enter Phase I clinical development in 2020
Repolar Pharmaceuticals Resin based health care products Resin-based products for human and animal care International business growth

Many attractive companies can also be found from the third sector:

Various study opportunities

Forest industries can be studied in all parts of Finland. Universities of applied sciences in the wood processing sector offer more than 200 study places, while bachelor’s programmes at universities offer more than 500 study places. You can study chemistry or material, mechanical, environmental, process, energy, bioproduct or wood engineering, or forest sciences or forestry. What if you also completed some food, biochemistry or packaging design studies?

Watch why Ilkka Hämälä, CEO of Metsä Group, recommends wood processing studies!


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Students can already start working during their studies


The forest sector offers various job opportunities. Would you like to work as a responsibility specialist or project engineer? You will do well if you have an understanding of natural sciences, possess good working life skills and are eager to learn something new.

Typically, students at universities and universities of applied sciences spend their summers working in production, research, sales or communication. Summer jobs are suitably challenging and pay well. Finland has thousands of summer jobs to offer in the wood processing industry and excellent opportunities to complete a training period abroad.

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