Volume 13 – Print Media – Principles, Processes and Quality


Edited by Pirkko Oittinen, Ph.D., Professor and Hannu Saarelma, Ph.D., Professor Helsinki University of Technology
This book is a fully revised and extended edition of the previous “Printing” book in the book series. Compared to “Printing”, the scope has been widened to include chapters which have a media standpoint. The scope has also been deepened by including chapters which discuss the mechanisms of printing operations at the printing press level. Compared to the previous edition, the reproduction, pre-press or pre-media stages of print production have been excluded. This book has a dual purpose. On one hand, it deals with the technologies of printing and on the other with print media in the wider context of media. The defining characteristic is the focus on principles of as well of “humanware processes” in content creation and consumption as also “hardware” processes taking place in printing.

Updated Second Edition (2009)
ISBN 978-952-5216-33-2