Volume 18 – Paper and Board Grades


Edited by Hannu Paulapuro, D. Sc. (Tech.), Professor, Helsinki University of Technology
There are hundreds of different types of papers and boards produced in the world and new types are continuously emerging. This book does not aim to examine them all, but covers the most important grades in the international markets. The classification is based on that used by the European forest industry companies, with the main division being: Printing and writing papers, paperboards, tissue and Speciality papers. Each group is divided into subgroups and main grades and the grades are examined in view of the end uses, raw material composition, and manufacturing technology. Air-laid papers are dealt with in a separate group. Data on the end-use properties are not normally presented, since they are changing continuously due to ever-increasing quality competition.

First Edition (2000)
ISBN 952-5216-18-7