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ForestBioFacts was constructed as a continuation of the Papermaking Science and Technology bookseries. Over 150 top professionals from academia and industry have contributed to the ForestBioFacts digital learning environment. ForestBioFacts is suitable whether you are a student or new-comer in the forest-based industries or an experienced R&D professional in the field. The free introduction theme gives you an overview from the sustainable forestry to the versatile fibre-based products in the circular bioeconomy. You can also have a glimpse of all the other 15 themes. When you want to go deeper, you can easily select the themes and the subscription time that you want.

ForestBioFacts – a unique digital learning environment of fibre-based products and technologies

“The need for the updated learning platform was widely recognised. We started the concept planning of the book series renewal in the beginning of 2017 with close collaboration with Aalto University, School of Chemical Engineering. Over 150 academic and industrial professionals have contributed to the project to ensure high quality and up-to-date content for the new digital learning environment.”

– Jenni Sievänen-Rahijärvi, Project Manager of ForestBioFacts

The world is digitalising at an accelerating pace, which creates the need for new learning methods, solutions and environments. The forest industry has also drastically changed over the last decade and the scope has shifted from traditional pulping and papermaking towards new versatile products and end uses.

The new learning environment serves the needs of universities and companies working in the forest-based industries. It includes a free introduction theme to forest-based bioeconomy in English and Finnish. The introduction is meant for everyone, including high school students.

The new learning environment is based on the Papermaking Science and Technology book series which has been an excellent textbook resource for universities and an ideal reference guide for the industry all over the world since 1998. The scope has been updated and modernised: the earlier focus on pulp and board has been shifted more towards nanocellulose, energy, textiles and biofuels.

Benefits of the digital learning environment:


The ForestBioFacts has been built in collaboration with the Finnish university network and 18 industrial partners. The service has been funded by companies, foundations and Forest Products Engineers / Paperi ja Puu Oy. We are thankful for the notable grants received from the Finnish Cultural Foundation, the Metsämiesten Säätiö Foundation and the Walter Ahlström Foundation.

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