Webinar series on ForestBioFacts started

Webinar series on ForestBioFacts started   All the 16 themes of ForestBioFacts learning environment will be covered over a series of monthly webinars. The first one concentrated on Natural fibre products -theme and what’s new in the field. ForestBioFacts is the largest digital learning environment in the world on forest-based bioeconomy, with over 1 500

Information transformation: Fibers to bits

The author (2nd right) and the team of Feldmühle AG Düsseldorf paper mill PM1 in the summer 1990. The world was changing: The Berlin Wall had come down, internet was still hiding in the universities’ networks. When I was still at school, two students from the Helsinki University of Technology visited our class. They set

Sneak peek to ForestBioFacts

January was a busy month with ForestBioFacts. Hundreds of articles, pictures and glossary and dictionary terms have been placed into the digital learning environment by now and the pace is only accelerating. ForestBioFacts will certainly contain everything you need to know about forest-based products and technologies. A joyful ForestBioFacts Challenge 2020 offered a entertaining sneak